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Liver failure

Hepatic encephalopathy

G1: altered mood/behaviour; sleep disturbances
G2: icrg drowsiness; confusion, slurred speech
G3: stupor; incoherence; restlessness, significant confusion
G4: coma
[DD: sepsis, trauma, hypoglycaemia, seizure activity]

King's College Criteria for liver transplantation

Paracetamol liver failure:

    arterial pH<7.3 24h after ingestion; OR
    PT>100s AND Crea>300mcM/L AND G3/4 HE

Non-Paracetamol liver failure:

    PT>100s OR
    3 of 5: { drug-induced liver fail | age<10 or >40 | >1wk betw onset of jaundice and HE | PT>50s | Bili>300mcM/L }